Better Seed and Birds = Better Value

Seed Cylinder on Dinner Bell Feeder

When you visit any grocery, hardware or big retail store, buried in the back of the pet food section you’ll find some inexpensive wild bird seed and bird food that might look pretty good in the package.

However, what you don’t know is that most discount seed and foods are full of cereal grains and fillers that birds won’t eat, like milo, wheat, oats, barley, flax, rapeseed/canola. You also don’t know how long that seed has been sitting around.

Wild Birds Unlimited is dedicated to offering fresh, top quality seed and bird food—the best in the market. Our exclusive seed blends are made from 100% edible seed and have been selected for the feeding preferences of our local birds. No cereal fillers—just fresh, high-quality seed your birds will love. We also carry a wide variety of individual seeds that attract specific types of birds.

The best thing about our seed is the education and customer service behind it. We know your birds better than anyone else, and we will help you pick the right seed or seed blend for your feeding purposes. Also, be sure to ask about our seasonal blends.

We’re so proud of our seed and bird food, we guarantee your satisfaction. Once you see how much your birds love our seed, you’ll keep coming back for more.

So stop by the store this month for the best prices on the best bird food in town. You and your birds will enjoy our food more than what you might find at another store - we guarantee it.


Seed Blends

Each of our blends is regionally formulated to attract the birds that live in our area. We do not include filler grains like oats, wheat and milo that decrease the price per pound of a mix because these filler seeds are less attractive (or not attractive) to birds. Because there is no wasted seed, our blends actually end up costing less to use while attracting more of the birds that you want to watch. Blends like Deluxe and Supreme attract a wide variety of birds, while our No-Mess Blends have no shells thus reducing the mess from shells left behind below your bird feeders.


Sunflower Seed

This is the one seed that most of your birds will love and is the main component of all of our seed blends. Sunflower chips have already had the shells removed which means they leave no mess behind and you end up getting more actual bird food for your money. Premium Oil Sunflower seeds still have the shells on them and are a great addition to your food lineup in the fall and winter when birds such as Chickadees and Nuthatches will want to store these high-energy morsels for later.


Nyjer and Finch Blend

Nyjer is a favourite of finches such as American Goldfinches and Pine Siskins. These birds tend to travel in flocks and are a wonderful sight to see at your bird feeder. Offering Nyjer or Finch blend in a separate Finch Feeder will keep your Goldfinches and Siskins happy while leaving the other feeders available for the rest of you regular visitors.



If you have a lot of ground feeding birds such as Sparrows, Towhees, Juncos, Pigeons and Doves then you may want to consider adding a separate millet feeder. Since these birds are most comfortable foraging on the ground for their food any type of tray feeder, either hanging or on the ground, will work best for them. Millet is also a large component (25%) of our Deluxe blend. Since most other birds would rather eat the sunflower seeds instead, the millet is typically tossed aside, either onto the ground or onto a tray, where your ground feeding birds will eagerly gobble it up.



Keep Squirrels away from your Feeders. 
Coles's Flaming Hot Sauce
Flaming Squirrel seed sauce:

A nutritional birdseed supplement that contains all natural, 100 percent food grade ingredients with a super hot and spicy flavor
It tastes hot to mammals but not to wild birds
To keep squirrels and voles from digging up your bulbs, dip each one before planting
The 8 oz. Seasons 30 pounds of Birdseed.