Discover a Refuge in Your Own Backyard®

Looking for a fun vacation destination? The perfect place is a lot closer than you’d expect.

With just a few accents and nature-enticing additions, your backyard has the potential to be a place of relaxation and excitement.

We offer a wide variety of seasonally-appropriate bird food and bird feeders, wind chimes, bird baths, garden accents and more - everything you need to make your yard the place to be.

Make the most of your your backyard for now and the rest of the year. Visit us soon and we’ll help you discover a refuge in you own backyard.

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Versatile Bird Feeding Hardware
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Wide Variety of Bird Baths 
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Nesting Boxes

The term bird house, house and nesting box all refer to the same products. Houses provide nesting sites for cavity -nesting birds. By cavity nesting, we are referring to birds that excavate their own nesting sites (dead branches, posts or trees) or use pre-existing cavities excavated by other birds. Primary cavity nesting species (such as woodpeckers) excavated their own sites. Secondary cavity nesters (such as chickadees and wrens) rely on pre-existing cavities. Secondary nesters lack the ability to create their own nesting
locations and will readily accept man-made housing.

What makes a good Bird House?

It is important that functional houses meet specific criteria to meet the needs of the specific bird. Things to look for:

  • Good Ventilation
  • Panel that opens and closes for easy cleanout/removal of pests
  • Adequate drainage
  • Roof overhang providing shade and protection from driving rain
  • No Perches (helps stop predators)
  • Made out of safe, appropriate materials, no treated wood, no cardboard,
  • Appropriate dimensions for the species


Designed for the right Bird

The size of the nesting box, the size of the entrance hole, the height of the hole above the floor and an internal ladder (for fledglings) all need to be specific to the species of bird. Our Bird Specialist will be able to guide you to the appropriate Bird House for your needs.



Chickadee House

  • Made in B.C. of natural cedar. Chickadee House
  • 1 1/8th diameter entrance hole
  • Fledgling step
  • Hinged panel opening for monitoring and easy cleaning.
  • Can hang using a hook or mount to post with mounting bracket (sold separately)





Northern Flicker House

  • Made in B.C. of Natural cedar
  • 2 1/4" diameter entrance hole
  • Hinged panel opening for easy cleaning
  • Includes wood chips (Flickers like to excavate)







Garden Bandit

This handy tool is great for any gardener. Easily takes care of weeds in your garden. It is incredibly strong. The curved stainless steel blade stays firmly attached to the handle and slices through even the toughest soil conditions. Available in assorted coulours.