Window Gems

Help fledgling birds and migratory visitors navigate their way.



Window Gems are a decorative and effective way to prevent window strikes. They break up window reflections and warn birds away while creating mesmerizing rainbows when in direct sunlight.


Made of prismatic vinyl in Mount Shasta, California, Window Gems come in a variety of fun shapes to fit your decor style. Apply to the outside of your freshly cleaned window for the best results (they work inside too though!), making sure that the smooth side is facing the window and the textured side is facing you. Each pack of Window Gems comes with between 7-15 vinyl clings depending on your chosen style. You can mix-and-match different style packs to create a unique rainbow nature scene on your glass doors or windows!


Window Gems are not permanent, will never fade, and leave no marks once removed, making them a great option especially for renters. Re-use them again and again and play with your placement! Click here to see the beauty of sunlight shining through Window Gems.


Shop in-store for the following Window Gems styles:

  • Butterflies

  • Dragonflies

  • Saw-Whet Owl

  • Hummingbird

  • Songbird

  • Mixed Leaves              

  • Honeybee