How to Provide Water for Birds


To attract the greatest variety of birds to your yard, provide a source of water along with your feeders.


Birdbath Care

Birdbath water should be replaced every few days, with your exact frequency depending on bird usage, other sources of litter (i.e. overhanging trees), and water capacity (during summer heat, very shallow dishes may need to be refilled every day).

If practical, giving your bath a quick rinse with your garden hose before each refilling will go a long way towards keeping it clean. When more serious cleaning is needed, the next step is to use a hard-bristled scrub brush (right) to remove grime before rinsing and refilling. This should be adequate for most cleaning.

On occasion, you may wish to apply a specialty bird-safe birdbath cleaning product or a low concentration (10% or less) bleach solution before scrubbing.

Concrete Bird Bath


Recommended Baths

Bird baths come in many shapes, sizes and materials, and they can be placed on the ground, pedestal-mounted or hung.

1. Concrete baths are often the centerpieces of well-manicured landscapes. These baths are difficult to relocate because of their weight, and they can become a permanent decorative element in your yard.

2. Ceramic bath styles can range from simple to very decorative. Their light weight makes them easy to relocate about the yard and to clean.

3. Plastic and metal baths are light, versatile and able to be easily moved about your yard. These baths work well with a bird bath heater and, unlike concrete and ceramic baths, they can be used in freezing conditions.

Birds prefer to bathe and drink in different depths of water. Use a bath with a sloped edge or add stones to vary the depth so birds can bathe comfortably.

Place your bath 10 to 12 feet from shrubs so predators can’t surprise the birds. Shrubs also offer birds a place to preen their feathers and dry off.


Wild Birds Unlimited Water Wiggler

Recommended Items

You will attract more birds with moving water!

Use the Water Wiggler™ to create ripples in the water to attract the birds, with the added benefit of preventing mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

Attach our WBU Drip-or-Mist to your bird bath to provide both a source of moving water and gentle mist. Many birds will creep down the dripper spout to take a drink, and hummingbirds especially are drawn to the mist to bathe in.

With access to an outdoor power outlet you can also add a beautiful rock waterfall to dazzle houseguests and birds alike! Waterfalls are another way to get the water in your bath moving to bring the birds in. Some types of waterfalls also bubble upwards a bit before cascading back down, and hummingbirds love the gentle upwards bubbling just as much as the mist!

The important thing is to get the water moving in whatever way works best for you. While birds will still make use of a bath with unmoving water, if you're looking for a way to make it irresistible to them, this is the way.