Gifts: Seasonal Items

We love to offer fun seasonal shopping items, such as ornaments, seed sacks, napkins, and more! Come to our store to see the full collection. Some of our favourite and most popular items are listed below.


Birds: We have an incredible assortment of hanging ornaments that are a great gift (year-round) from brands such as Old World Christmas, Silver Tree and Margaret Cobane Studios! We have species specific ornaments, including barn owls, chickadees, white-crowned sparrows, flickers, goldfinches and a variety of smaller clip-on ornaments.




S'mores: Customers also love the S'mores ornaments, which are fun little guys with unique personalities to match the pet, bird and nature lovers in your life.


Seeds Sacks for a lucky New Year

This tidy bag of fresh bird seed will ensure good luck in the year ahead, as per an old Scandinavian tradition. Spread it on your doorstep or gift it to a friend for their household.