Campbell's Gold - Local Honey


Campbells Gold Honey is produced from bee colonies living on their family farm in Abbotsford, as well as a few select trusted local BC beekeepers. Their bees collect nectar from the nearby flora including berry bushes, lavender, clover, and wildflowers. Campbells Gold has a conscious commitment to the wellbeing of their bees, and carefully tracks how much honey they can safely take while still leaving enough for them to thrive.

Many varieties of creamed and flavored honey are offered, and we're proud to carry the following:


  • Cinnamon 240g  (also available in 450g!)

  • Ginger 240g

  • Vanilla 240g                                                                                            

  • Alfalfa 240g

  • Hazelnut 240g

  • Pumpkin Spice 230g

  • Chocolate 240g



  • Alfalfa 240g

  • Late Summer Wildflower 250g

  • Black Currant 240g

  • Amaretto 240g

  • Drambuie 240g

  • Hot Stuff 250g (honey with chili peppers blended in!)


This honey is perfect for so many uses. Try the cinnamon honey on toast for a sweet breakfast treat, or stir any variety into your coffee for an easy and tasty way to mix up your morning! The Hot Stuff is a great addition to your kitchen, with countless ways to incorporate it into your meals. Check out these recipes from Campbell's Gold for inspiration!