Attract More Goldfinches to Your Yard

Take advantage of this golden opportunity and prepare your yard for goldfinch nesting season. Adult goldfinches will be raising young and, once fledged from the nest, showing them where to find food and water.


Goldfinch on Seed Tube

Food: Feeding Basics

American Goldfinches may eat normal black oil sunflower, and will happily eat hulled sunflower chips alone or in a blend such as our No-Mess. The food that is a particular favorite of goldfinches, however, is a seed called Nyjer, or thistle. This is a tiny black seed which is highly attractive to goldfinches and Pine Siskins and which will also be eaten by House Finches, juncos, and sparrows. Some other advantages of offering Nyjer seed are that it allows the use of finch-specific mesh feeders, it doesn't attract jays, crows, squirrels, or most rodents, and it doesn't sprout beneath your feeder.




Goldfinches on an EcoClean® Finch Feeder

Our EcoClean® and Quick-Clean® Finch Feeders are specially-designed for Nyjer and Sunflower Chips and are perfect for the small bills of goldfinches. These feeders protect food from excess moisture and are easy to clean with their removable bases.

We also offer Mesh Finch Feeders that are perfect for attracting goldfinches and meeting their needs.Goldfinch on Birdbath




Goldfinch on Birdbath


Goldfinches are almost exclusively vegetarians. Unlike many birds that feed their young insects, goldfinches feed their young seeds. Because of this high-vegetation diet, they drink a lot of water.Goldfinches will also use a bird bath for bathing. Attract birds with more success with a Water Wiggler™. It creates ripples in the water to attract birds’ attention. The ripples also prevent mosquitoes from using the bath as a breeding ground. 


 Fun Facts About Gold Finches