Vancouver, British Columbia

John & Wendy Morton

John & Wendy Morton

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Vancouver, British Columbia

1302 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC V6H 1H2

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We can show you how to turn your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, color and life to your home.

Welcome to Wild Birds Unlimited in Vancouver!

Please note that we will be Closed on BC Day, Monday August 4th


Summer is here!

Help your birds cool down in the summer heat by providing them plenty of water for drinking and bathing. Come in and have a look at our wide selection of bird baths and accessories!

Eastern Bluebird male with fledglingDon't forget to fill your feeders and keep an eye out for fledgling chickadees, sparrows, finches, and more as they learn how to find food on their own.

During the summer months, millions of wild bird families across the country will be introducing their young fledglings to a whole new world of experiences. People who only feed the birds during the winter will miss out on many fun and fascinating wild bird "family life" activities.

Full feeders provide an opportunity to see adult birds as they take some time away from the duties of raising their young. By mid-summer, fledglings will begin leaving the nest and are being fed and taught to eat from feeders by their parents, a fascinating interaction to observe.

Fledgling Facts

Here are some characteristics and behaviors to look for when watching these baby birds as they begin to leave the nest:

  • Fledglings are about the same size as adults, but often their plumage color is muted and similar to adult females.
  • In some species, fledglings' tails are shorter than the adults', because the tail feathers are still growing.
  • You can recognize Downy and other woodpecker fledglings by their fresh and dapper plumage, whereas that of the adults is worn and dusky from their repeated trips in and out of the nest hole.
  • Chickadee fledglings follow their parents to the bird feeder and perch nearby as the parents go to get food.  They either wait, looking like they are waiting to be served, or they call incessantly "teeship teeship" and flutter their wings until fed.
  • After one to three weeks, the parents stop feeding their fledglings and may even peck at them if they persist in begging for food to get them to feed themselves.

It’s a perfect time to see a lot of interesting bird activity. In some instances, bird family behaviors resemble human family behaviors.


Our Customer Appreciation Day was a great success!

Over $600 in donations for O.W.L were received!

Winners of the in store draws have been notified.


Jim Slater took these shots of Tyra the Merlin falcon and Jessie the Barred Owl

Karen and Jessie

Karen with Jessie the Barred Owl

Tyra the Merlin

Tyra the Merlin


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Eagle Ranger

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