How to Attract Birds This Holiday Season

Wild Birds Unlimited Seed Wreath

Seasonal Needs

Nights are longer and colder this time of year. Birds require high-fat, quick-energy foods to stay active and warm. Insect-eaters are looking for more fats and fruits. Seed-eaters are searching for high-oil seeds and nuts.

Have you noticed how ravenously the birds eat at your feeders, especially early in the morning and just before dusk? Chickadees can gain as much as 10% of their body weight each day and lose it all again during a cold winter night.

Recommended Foods

Attract more birds this holiday season and meet their dietary needs with a Wild Birds Unlimited Christmas Seed Wreath, Christmas Blend, a Christmas Seed Cylinder and Christmas Cake™ Suet. Each has high-fat, quick-energy ingredients like black oil sunflower, peanuts, almonds, suet nuggets, and cherries or cranberries.

Our Christmas Seed Wreath is a dining delight for birds, and it can add festive cheer to any yard. Use it as a decoration, or hang it near your existing feeders that are busier than ever these days.

Wild Birds Unlimited Tail Prop Suet Feeder

Recommended Feeders

We recommend serving Christmas Blend in our EcoTough® Classic or Classic Too hopper feeder. Birds can easily find the food and comfortably eat while some of the food will be knocked to the ground for winter ground-feeding birds, such as juncos and various sparrows.

Offering a Christmas Seed Cylinder in a Seed Cylinder Feeder is an easy way to provide birds with essential calories throughout the holidays. Nuthatches can be seen prying seeds loose and sometimes flying off to store them for retrieval later in the same day or a quick source of food the next morning.

Our EcoTough® Tail Prop Suet Feeder is perfect for the Christmas Cake Suet and lets birds eat in a natural way. The paddle simulates a tree trunk, allowing you to see woodpeckers use their stiff tail feathers for extra support while they feed. This feeder holds one suet cake, is easy to fill and hangs anywhere.